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CATS - Computer Assets Tracking System

Designed for recording what CPU is connected to what Monitor, Keyboard, Printer etc and where they are located.  This program is the ideal solution for schools, offices and other situations where there are large numbers of pieces of computer equipment that needs to be tracked.

CATS - Main Menu

The Main Menu

An attractive, user friendly graphical menu system presents all the functions on the one screenMoving the mouse around the screen reveals the active points - the miniture computer screen on the desktop tells you what you will get by when you click at that point.  For example click the telephone and you will have a telephone and address list. CATS - Contacts

CATS - Computer List

The Computer, Monitor, Keyboard and Printer/Scanner Lists

When you click the Computer Processor Unit (CPU) a list of all your computers is provided.  Clicking the header of any column will automatically sort the data by that column. You can add one new computer at a time or if you receive a number of models that are the same then the entry can be replicated and just the serial numbers entered.
Monitors are displayed in the Monitor List screen. CATS - Monitor List Click the ‘desktop’ monitor.
Keyboards are shown in the Keyboard List. CATS - Keyboard List.  Click the ‘desktop’ keyboard.
Printers, scanners etc are viewed in the Printer List
. CATS - Repair History Click the ‘desktop’ Printer.

CATS - Computer List

The Computer, Monitor, Keyboard and Printer/Scanner Details

Computer details and mainteance / repairs etc for that computer can be entered in the Computer Details screen, Double click the computer to edit the details or add a new one. If serveral identical computers, monitors or keyboards are received at one time they only have to be entered once and replicated, then simple enter the serial numbers.
Monitors, CATS - Monitor Details Keyboards, CATS - Keyboard details and Printers/Scanners etc CATS - Contacts each have their own input or detials screen with provison for recording repairs or service
Double clicking an entry in any of the ‘list’ screens will take you to the details screen.

Repairs and servicing schedules and costs can be tracked on the
Service and Repair History screen
. CATS - Repair History
Leased equipment may also be managed in the Lease Details screen.
CATS - Contacts

CATS - Computer List

Equipment Groups and Locations

A key purpose of CATS is track the locations of the equipment and which peice is connected to which.  This may be simply done by grouping the different pieces of equipment and assigning them to a location on the Equipment Groups and Locations Screen.  Location can be an office or persons name or classroom. 

Assignment to groups is easy as all the unassigned items appear in the drop down list ready to ‘connect’ to the other pieces of equipment.

CATS - Computer List

Help and Tutorial

The simplisity of the system is further enhanced by the Help Screen and an animated Tutorial CATS - Contacts that talks the user through the system at their own pace.
The Tutorial also has its own menu so from any screen you can go straight to the part of the Tutorial you need to refresh your memory (if necessary).

If you have to keep track of a large number of computers and related equipment then CATS is probably what you are looking for.
If necessary the program can be tailored to suit your particular business or organisation

E-mail Allan for more details.