TORS Welcome

A Scheduler for Travelling Overseers

Provides entry screens to fill in most forms used during congregation visits.
Repeated information is entered automatically.

After filling in your schedule the calendar tracks where you are and inserts that week’s congregaion information  into the forms.

Select TORS for details
This requires a passwod but Travelling Overseers will know it

CATS Logo Screen

Computer Assets Tracking System

Designed for recording what CPU is connected to what Monitor, Keyboard, Printer etc and where they are.
Ideal for Schools and Offices

CATS Main Menu

Do you need to keep track of where each piece of equipment is located - which office or school room?
With its simple graphical interface CATS may be what you are looking for. Click the CATS tab for more details

Other examples of software design

OPS - Logo

OPS - Operating Procedures System

This system was designed to track numbered controlled procedure documents for Quality Assurance certifcation.
Using a simple graphical menu OPS - Menu enables the document controller to record the procedure details . OPS - Logo list the employees OPS - Personnel List and allocate documents to them OPS - Logo

SAID - Logo

SAID - Social and Industry Data

This system, designed for an electricty utility presents social and industry statistics and data and graphs
Using a dropdown of subjects OPS - Menu the user can view the data as graphs. . OPS - Logo or the data OPS - Datais availabe to download in to Excel for further analysis.
Dates can be changed and subjects can be filtered into a variety of categories. OPS - Logo

RECs - Logo

RECs - Renewable Energy Certificates System

This system is used by solar hot water system dealers to transfer data about systems sold, to the Western Power Corporation who ‘purchase’ the certificates resulting in a discount to the purchaser of the solar hot water system.
Using a simple graphical menu OPS - Menu with a built in animated tutorial OPS - Logo the dealer is able to register the details, . RECs - Registration send the data and reports RECs - Reports to Western Power and also track their own hot water system sales RECs - HWS .